Welcome to Studio Ettore Colella, a full-service accounting, tax preparation and business consulting firm based in Milan, Italy. Studio Ettore Colella stands for excellence and dedication, values that enable us to to effectively and efficiently follow best practices. Studio Ettore Colella cares about you and your business. As we see it, accountancy is more than just numbers!

Studio Ettore Colella


Our Mission

Since 1991, our Mission has been to provide professional accounting - consulting services and highly customized solutions to help our clients grow and thrive so they can offer better products & services, create jobs and boost economic growth. Studio Ettore Colella is at your service!

Areas of Specialization

Driven by passion and ambition, Ettore Colella decided in 1991 to start his own Studio. His areas of specialization encompass:

Auditing & Fraud Investigation
Extraordinary Tax Advice
Ordinary Tax Advice
Tax Litigation
Due Diligence

Dott. Ettore Colella

Areas of specializations:
National & International Tax Law
Auditing (Fraud Auditing)
Due Diligence
Tax Litigation

Ettore Colella,
Chartered Certified Accountant
Registered Auditor
Accredited Civil Mediator

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